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Spatialitics is a transformative Spatial Analytics platform focused on
enabling Enterprise GeoSpatial applications/analytics/solutions
that are based on unique data and middleware technology-designed
to unleash the operational efficiencies of Enterprises
by bridging their MIS and GIS systems.

We are partnered with SAP and Esri to bring the power
of both worlds to bear on these next generation Map Apps.


Create custom industry
vertical data and maps


Aggregate industry maps with customer’s business data
(ERP, GIS, Healthcare, CRM, etc.)


Unlock unique business insights through Spatial Analytics Apps

Empower your Enterprise

Want to track and address severe water pipe/hydrant leaks using 50%
less time and resources? Searching for a location to open a
chronic healthcare center within one mile of patients’
homes and save costly emergency room visits for patients by almost 25%?

Spatialitics empowers your enterprise by providing insightful
solutions to your specific business problems. Explore the full suite of Spatial
Analytics products built for your industry.



Public Safety

Public Safety



Quantifying the Spatialitics Journey

More than 9 Million enterprise assets spatially enabled to date,
providing enterprises a true ‘Location’ edge

Residential and Commercial Properties


Emergency Requests and Police Assets

Utility Assets, Incidents, Work Orders

Patients, Healthcare Facilities, Healthcare Providers

Through Spatialitics Platform components

Spatialitics Platform, our technology backbone

Spatialitics Platform is the world’s first cloud-based geospatial platform, that leverages key technologies from Esri and SAP in its core platform fabric to converge MIS and GIS systems and enable enterprise geospatial apps/analytics/solutions.

Explore the world of unlimited possibilities.

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